I.G AGUOWO HEALTH AND ACADEMIC FOUNDATION is a Non-Governmental/ Non- Profit Organization which was born out of passion and love to reach out to the less privilege in the society and help them acquire quality education as well as have sound health. The Foundation offers scholarship to students ranging from Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions as well as health sponsorship to both young and old who cannot afford quality health services Below is the procedure and qualification for offer of scholarship/sponsorship:

Academic Scholarship Requirements

  • Anyone who seeks for academic sponsorship must apply using the application link on the Foundation website emphasizing reasons for requesting academic sponsorship. The applicant must fill the application form and should upload his or her passport photograph as required in the application form. The academic results of the applicant must be uploaded as required. The applicant’s application form will not be processed if failure to supply the information required in the application form.
  • The applicant must attach school results/certificates of previous academic performances for evaluation. The Management of the Foundation will scrutinize the result/certificate of the applicant to ascertain its authenticity before deciding if to offer scholarship to the applicant.
  • Proper investigations will be made to know if truly the applicant needs financial help in order not to take advantage or abuse the core aim of the organization.
  • If the applicant is truly in dire need of academic sponsorship and meets the Foundation’s approved Academic Average, a letter will be sent to the applicant to prepare for an assessment examination that will determine if the applicant is qualified to be given scholarship.
  • IGAHAF organizes an assessment examination to all shortlisted applicants who applied for scholarship and any applicant who scores above average within the approved average will be given a scholarship. The Foundation will contact any successful applicant via email and WhatsApp with a Letter of Scholarship Offer. However, the applicant will be requested to come to the Foundation’s Headquarters for registration. The Scholarship Certificate will be given to the applicant on the day of Seminar/Scholarship Award Ceremony organized by the Foundation.
  • IGAHAF as an NGO select students from the following schools for award of scholarship to successful applicants.

For Secondary Schools:

  • Mission Schools.
  • Government Owned Schools.
  • Federal Government College.
  • Federal Technical College.
  • Seminary Schools.
  • Private Schools whose school fees is equivalent to that of the above mentioned.

For Tertiary Institutions:

  • Federal Universities.
  • State Owned Universities.
  • Federal Polytechnic
  • State Owned Polytechnic.
  • College of Education.

NOTE: IGAHAF do not give scholarship to Private University students.

Igahaf Scholarship Registration Requirements:

The applicant will be presented with a Registration Form for completion and return with the following information:
  • Two colored Passport Photograph.
  • Reference Letter from the School of the Applicant.
  • Letter of Guarantor from the Parents of the Applicant.
  • Applicant’s Medical Report of excellent good health from any General/Private Hospital.
  • Genotype/Blood Group Medical Report.



For Secondary School Students
  • School Fees.
  • P.T.A Fees.
  • Junior WAEC Fees.
  • Senior WAEC Fees.
For Tertiary Students:
  • Acceptance Fees.
  • Departmental/Faculty Fees.
  • School Fees per Semester.
  • Bursary Allowance of ₦50,000 per a Semester.

IG AGUOWO HEALTH AND ACADEMIC FOUNDATION is yet to introduce a full funded scholarship. However, the Foundation is working on granting its Beneficiaries a full funded scholarship as the day goes by. Fully Funded Scholarship is as follows:

  • School Fees.
  • P.T. A Fees.
  • Lesson Fees.
  • School Bus Fee.
  • Provisions of Academic Books.
  • Provisions of School Bags.
  • Junior WAEC Fees.
  • Senior WAEC Fees.


Every beneficiary of IGAHAF is expected to submit his/her termly results before School Fees will be paid. This is to enable the Foundation to assess the level of performance of its beneficiaries. The same requirements are applied to beneficiaries in the tertiary institutions.

Any beneficiary who fails to submit his/her termly results without any reason will not have his/her school fees paid and if fail to submit his/her result in the next academic session, the Foundation will have no other choice than to terminate the Scholarship Offer in violation to the Foundation’s internal policies and rules.


Beneficiaries can have their scholarship terminated as a result of the following:
{1} Submission of false information to IGAHAF.
{2} Submission of altered school results to IGAHAF.
{3} Disrespect and blackmail.
{4} Non-Compliances to IGAHAF rules and laws.
{5} Conspiring with School Management to inflate School Fees
{6} Poor Academic Performance.

The above mentioned will be duly investigated by IGAHAF Compliance Team and if proved with evidence, the beneficiary’s Scholarship will be terminated.


IGAHAF rewards its best academic performance beneficiary at the end of every academic year. Results are computed by our professionals and best academic performing students will be selected and rewarded with a cash fund. The rewards are done during the Seminar/Scholarship Award Ceremony held in the month of August/September of every year.
This process is to enable our beneficiaries to work hard and improve in their various academic classes with best results. IGAHAF will continue to support its best beneficiary who is making the Foundation proud in their academic performance.


IGAHAF cannot and will not request for any money from any applicant or parents of the beneficiary. The application form is free and Beneficiary IGAHAF Registration is also free. No applicant or parents of beneficiaries will pay money to anybody in the name of IGAHAF. Request for any money does not emanate from IGAHAF and should be paid.

Beneficiaries, parents or visitors can reach us on the following numbers:
Office No: 09030849424
WhatsApp No: 08084004862

Beneficiaries can send us email at:

Visitors or beneficiaries/parents can visit IGAHAF Headquarters at:
Ugwuagu, Uruana, Umuanum Village,
Nibo. Awka South L.G.A. Anambra State.


All the Beneficiaries of IGAHAF have automatic Health Insurance with IGAHAF. Foundation pays all Medical Bills of any beneficiary that is admitted in the hospital. However, IGAHAF has its recommended hospital where beneficiaries are treated of any illness.Parents/Guardians of our beneficiary should report any sickness of a beneficiary to Foundation Management who will then refer the beneficiary to our hospital for treatment but if the beneficiary is outside of Anambra State, IGAHAF will pay the Medical Bills of the beneficiary.


The IGAHAF also offers medical assistance to both young and old who have critical health challenges but cannot afford good health care services. In the case of critical health challenges, the patient must bring to the notice of the IGAHAF in writing stating his/her health status, and reasons for request of assistance. The Management of IGAHAF will conduct adequate investigation on the health status of the patient as well as seek the consent of the family of the patient before rendering any medical assistance.


IGAHAF and its Management visits general hospitals to clear hospital bills of patients that have been treated and discharged who cannot pay hospital bills. This is done two times in a year. IGAHAF also visits private hospitals and Community Hospitals to help patients pay their medical bills. This form part of IGAHAF yearly schedule of events.

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